Being Restivo

"Two characteristics of fanatics are they care not whom they harm, nor consider the consequences beyond the immediate moment." - Restivo
Mike Restivo in a post to alt.freemasonry Dec 30, 1998

Astronomer Carl Sagan wrote of those living in demon-filled worlds; others have written of those who suffer from a persecution complex to the point of inability to function in real life. At times, these thoughts waft through the mind as we contemplate the words of Mike Restivo in our daily perusal of the alt.freemasonry usenet newsgroup.

Because of the various bits of language Mike Restivo has used in his various messages, we've removed the material formerly found on this page and placed it here on a separate site. We apologize for any inconvenience but do not wish those who are uninterested in this material to be exposed to it. We appreciate your understanding.


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