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Many people, including some new Masons, seek sources of Masonic literature; here are some (along with some places for gifts too....).  Don't forget to check out our page of "Masonic Resources" as well!

Places to Buy
(We have no financial connection to any company listed here - or to ANY bookseller or Masonic item supplier!)

Michael Poll/Lost Word Publishing - A long-time online friend, Brother Mike has done some truly outstanding research on Scottish Rite history  in Louisiana and has compiled the works of others into some great anthologies. He has published several of his works and is now offering used books for sale as well. A great place to find some interesting reading material.

Also not to be overlooked is Anchor Publishing, the publishing company of the late and prolific writer, Allen E. Roberts now run by his son, my friend as well, Ken. You can get Allen's books and more from him. If you don't have Allen's edition of Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia on your bookshelf, order it here: it's a very important update!

Los Angeles Fraternal Supply Company - A family business for over 70 years, they've got a bunch of books listed on their web site. They've also got an extensive selection of pins, rings, etc. if you're in the market for such things.

Macoy Publishing - One of the oldest and most popular sellers of Masonic books and other Masonic items, jewelry etc. Regrettably, their website is a struggle to use for online purchasing and the search engine is (as of July, 2012 and for all the time prior to that) practically useless. For some reason, they manage foul up almost every order I place online. However, their stock of books is good including 2-3 that you can't buy in other places <SIGH>. A copy of their catalog will be of interest for those seeking to broaden their horizons.

Kessinger Publishing - Reprints of long out-of-print works are available from this site. When you read the descriptions, remember (unlike anti-Masons) that most of them were that of the original publisher and/or author - and thus may be wildly misleading. For the Masonic researcher, however, this is a treasure trove - and it's a business run by a Mason who wants to ensure you're happy with their service and will do everything he can to make sure you are. His entire stock can be found on Amazon but we'd encourage you to support him directly.

House of Toye is a London firm which sells a variety of Masonic items including books, regalia, etc. They now have an online presence and you can see what they have to offer without leaving home.

H. B. Macrides & Sons was founded in 1950 with their only business being the Masonic and Fraternal Supplies. Call for their catalog or order one online. Quite a variety here.

And you definitely shouldn't overlook the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite's online store which has a number of items on my personal 'to buy' list.... (I should have never given away those first four volumes of Heredom! <sigh>)

The Songs of Freemasonry  is a unique and original recording of - as the name implies - songs relating to Freemasonry and the Masonic family. This would make a wonderful holiday present for someone.... 

Looking for music for your Lodge work? Those in the UK might want to look at Masonic Media where various CDs are available. In addition, the Grand Lodge of Colorado has a CD for those in the US.

Don't forget too that your own Grand Lodge probably has a number of interesting items for sale, from mementoes of past events to books about the jurisdiction.

And we know that sometimes Masons or their families are looking for rings so in addition to the companies like Macoy and LAFraternal which sell jewelry as well as books, we've added the listings for some others whose fraternal products have received recognition.

And before going further, please accept this gentle reminder to check around locally first so that you support folks in your own community. Some things are pretty unique but others - embroidered and engraved items in particular - are usually obtainable locally at prices equally good (or perhaps better). Support your neighbors - and they'll support you!

The Masonic Shop is an online store with all kinds of things, much of it free (donations appreciated - and you should because of all the work that's gone into it). From Masonic wallpaper to stamps and jewelry, this site is a treasure-trove of 'things ya gotta have'! They support Freemasonry with links to Masonic Service Association appeals and more. You really should check it out.

Gordon Spurlock is a retired Navy man and Freemason who creates custom-made inexpensive rings. His web site is here. We've seen several examples of Gordon's work and have heard several stories of how he goes out of his way to get your ring to you on time. Satisfaction and quality are prominent with him! Do check his site if you're in the market for an inexpensive, quality ring.

And Fraternal Crafters is another Mason who creates custom-made inexpensive rings also. You can see their work here. It's very nice.

Harry Klitzner has a wide variety of things so if you're looking for a gift, they're a good place to check as well.

Ronald Swisher has some emblematic wood cuts available if you're looking for that type of thing. You'll find them at 

Wilkins Brothers advertises themselves as serving the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite but their offerings will appeal to any Mason looking for rings and jewelry.

Turin & Company is another supplier of good repute. Shriners in particular will like their selection of items.

BMJ Collectibles specializes in Masonic textile products including tapestries, pillows, door pillows, wall hangings, tote bags, and monitor covers.  Nice looking things - some on our birthday wish list! 

PinWorld has a whole bunch of things for the Mason - and what Mason has enough pins, eh? How many pins are on YOUR jacket?  They've been donating money from their sales to 9/11 charities and they've got a Masonic/Twin Towers pin that's pretty unique.

Wheeler Wood Works has some interesting Bible boxes for Masons and Eastern Star. We've never seen one in person but they certainly look nice on the web. Check them out.

And no listing of suppliers would be complete without a mention of Hiram Hunter who eBay denizens know well. Quick and VERY friendly fraternal service is a hallmark of this supplier. Do check out the GREAT Masonic auto tail light decals which we now are seen on LOTS of cars in our area! (Check with your local authorities first, though, as we understand that they're not legal in some places!) As of June, 2012, Bro. Hunter seems to have disappeared from the web and complaints at the Better Business Bureau are piling up. We fear something may have befallen this long-time trusty supplier of wonderful things who was ALWAYS quick to serve and ready to make things right. If you have information on this, please let us know!

Bro. Paul Bessel who provides an invaluable service to the fraternity with his online lists of nearly everything imaginable has a more extensive list of suppliers of fraternal items. Be sure to check it by clicking here as well.

In addition to the above, online bookstores regularly carry Masonic books and books about subjects of interest to Masons. They carry anti-Masonic books too, some of which might appear at first to be about Freemasonry when they are but rants of little interest to the average Mason. And the 'sensational' books with little reality can be found there readily as well. Check our Book Review page which might help and read their reviews from other readers before you buy. Drop us a note if in doubt; we'll be glad to give you our quick summary if we know something....

Enjoy your shopping!   Keep Smiling!

Last updated January 19, 2014

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