The Grotto of North American supports Cerebral Palsy and a Dentistry Program for the handicappled. Dental care is one of these significant but often overlooked necessities for good health


The Scottish Rite Northern Jurisdiction has setup several Children's Learning Centers which offer free help to children with dyslexia.

A great hospital founded in 1915 in Decatur, Georgia with many programs for children in need.

The Masonic Service Association runs an active Hospital Volunteer program in VA hospitals and other locations in the US and around the world.

The Museum of Our National Heritage is an American history museum founded and supported by 32 Scottish Rite Freemasons in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is a beautiful building and well worth a visit.

Whether on a national, state/provincial, or local level, Masonic support of educational goals is very strong.

Here we'll be listing just a few dozen of the hundreds of Masonic-related scholarship opportunities.

World class burn and orthopaedic treatment for Children in the Shiner Hospitals - completely free.

Read more about them here.

See what Job's Daughters, the Isle of Jersey Freemasons, the Canadian Scottish Rite and other organizations are doing.
It's a fast growing list!

Saving history doesn't have to be a big project.

Lots of lodges are saving local history of their lodge and their local area.

Help comes in many forms:
Assistance to children of the bread-winners who died in the embassy bomb explosions in Kenya.

A Masonic home for children and Secret Santa project in Georgia.


Our Charities

Although Masonic ritual varies between jurisdictions, a consistent message conveyed to every candidate is that charity is an essential part of Freemasonry. From this philosophy comes much of a 'Mason's work', given freely and willingly. Charity comes in many forms, both large and small.

No site could completely list all of the charitable work done by Freemasons. There are many which are local and private. In fact, much Masonic charity occurs in this quiet way. Other activities, are so broad that they cannot be hidden and we'll point you to some of them right here.

Caring Concern Activities
Some of our programs to help those who are suffering medical problems are well known. Others are not. Take a look and you'll be surprised at what we do.
Saving History Activities
It's natural that the oldest fraternity in the world would have an interest in preserving history. What's not as well known is how that interest is translated into helping everyone!
Helping Hands Activities
Whether it's scholarships or food for the needy, Masons are often found helping out. Here are some of the many, many examples of that.


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Got something your Lodge or Body is doing?

Drop us a note and we'll acknowledge your good works right here!)

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mp2.jpg (11484 bytes)Some anti-Masons have criticized Freemasonry, arguing that based on the number of Freemasons in the world divided by the reports of some Masonic charities means that Masons are not as charitable as they hold themselves out to be. In reality, this attack belies facts.

First, much of the charity work which the anti-Masons examine is limited to less than a dozen activities. Most Masonic charity, however, is far less publicly visible than things like the Shriners Hospitals - and if Masonry itself doesn't attempt to total its giving, we fail to see how anti-Masons can.

Dr. S. Brent Morris has written a book which has brought light to much of the Charity work Masons are doing.




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