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Organ Donor

Organ Donor

Organ Donor Awareness

Hundreds of thousands of people world-wide await life-saving organs. In the United Sates alone, it is believed that more than 79,000 seek 'the gift of life' through transplantation of life-saving organs. As most realize, the need for donated organs and tissue far exceeds the supply and thousands of people die needlessly each year due to lack of donors.

In Tennessee, one Mason - himself an organ transplant recipient - has incorporated his personal understanding and charitable concern into Masonic action! You can read about his efforts and those of his Grand Lodge here.

While neither Brother Jones nor Freemasonry are alone nor unique in providing their support to this extraordinary need, it is just another indication of the many, many involvements which reflect the fraternity's charitable concern. It's obviously impossible to say whether individuals who get involved in such causes would have done so without the influence of Freemasonry but by being able to share their enthusiasm and zeal with their Brothers, their efforts are greatly magnified.

You can save lives by deciding to be an organ and tissue donor - whether you're a Mason or not (and even if you don't like Masons!). It's something you should seriously consider.

To find out more, here are some additional links:

The US Government has an excellent site devoted to providing information and resources on organ donation and transplantation issues and to promote organ and tissue donation awareness. They also explore the many myths which surround donations.

Coalition on Donation -- Donate Life permits you to view their public service ads and read stories of hope as well as order various items to encourage others.  

We do hope you'll take a moment to divert from our site to find out about and get involved in something which could save someone's life. It's FAR more important than reading about anti-Masonry. We've signed our license and made our family aware of our desires in this matter. We hope you will too!

Be an organ and tissue donor - PLEASE???


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