Conspiracy Arguments

"Good things endure on their own accord, while hate must be constantly reinforced lest those who become ensnared by it realize what they have bought into and become loving again."
Eugene Goldman, California Mason and online activist

Of course, for the true believer in conspiracies, nothing that anyone says will be convincing, so there is really no sense in them continuing here. We can only hope those who are convinced that there's a huge Masonic conspiracy will someday understand the truth!

conspire1.gif (2538 bytes)Below are a few of the arguments raised by Conspiracy Theorists - and what we hope you'll find are truly plausible answers. And for those who believe that the Masons are going to take over the world and do evil, we often wonder why they are so openly hostile. After all, they'd be the first ones targeted if their wild dreams were to come true!

However, let's not let reality get in the way just yet. Here are some of the typical statements of the Conspiracy Theorists:

bulletLook at the SECRETS they have. Of COURSE there's something going on!
bulletThey've got 'Bloody Oaths' to enforce their secrecy!
bulletThey've killed a man to keep their secrets!
bulletLook at the large number of world leaders who are Masons!

If you think Freemasons are going to take over the world, you might even find the secret key right here!!!

The Secrets

Look at the SECRETS they have. Masonry has been described as an organization with secrets - but those secrets have been 'exposed' many times over during the centuries. The 'secrets' which Masons have include signs, words, and modes of recognition but they're freely given to anyone who petitions and joins a Masonic lodge. They're used because the method of teaching employed by Masonry involves allegories and symbolism, similar to the way operative masons were taught in centuries past.

Bloody Oaths

When someone refers to 'Bloody Oaths', they've conveniently ignored the fact that any of the penalties in Masonic ritual are purely symbolic - and are stated as such in nearly all ceremonies in our current age. It is important to remember that Masonry as an organization is three hundred years old! Wordings and allusions from decades past are continued today due to the strong traditions of Freemasonry. Many older men will remember, for example, sealing promises with childhood friends through cutting fingers and becoming 'blood brothers' - something which would be considered totally improper today! Was that evil or some type of Satanic cult conspiracy? Of course not! Sometimes rituals take longer to change and this is true with Freemasonry where custom and tradition are important. Nevertheless, the oaths are strictly symbolic and so emphatic is the teaching of this point, there is simply no Mason who believes anything to the contrary!

Kill to Keep Secrets

It's interesting that Conspiracy Theorists sometimes use this charge since some of their groups have actually been responsible for death and destruction! The man they refer when presenting this charge was one William Morgan of New York in 1826. We've devoted an entire page to him!

World Leaders

World leaders always make wonderful targets for conspiracy theories. Because statecraft is not something which is practiced by consensus, some actions and decisions are taken in private. Of course, anything which the Conspiracy Theorist doesn't know or understand must - of necessity - be evil. Thus we see non-Masons regularly identified as Masons or Masons as part of some other shadowy (and perhaps fictitious) group simply because it fits the theory that has been concocted.

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