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American Freemasons
Three Centuries of Building Communities

Mark A. Tabbert

If you're going to buy one book about Freemasonry in the United States (and before), this is certainly the one to buy. It's a coffee-table size work and VERY easily read. In fact, you can start and end almost anywhere - and learn LOTS along the way. It's an outstanding gift to give a Mason as a present for some special occasion and can be an excellent way to begin the discussion about Freemasonry around the coffee table. The dust jacket is visually appealing and it's one of those books that you'll be happy you bought.

Mason Mark Tabbert's work is one with which few Masonic scholars will find nits to pick. While not dwelling on the differences between American and European Freemasonry (particularly that of non-English speaking countries), this work shows the integral role the fraternity played in a time when aristocracy was the norm and democracy was a totally new experiment.

Arising, we suspect, from his work experience as a Librarian with the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts and the Scottish Rite's National Heritage Museum, his research is exceptional. Beyond that, however, is the remarkable ease with which topics are addressed and the logic flow of information in the book's organization. Tabbert has taken a very complex subject, illustrated it with delicious pictures, paintings, sketches, and photographs, and offered a text that makes a fraternal history and engaging and approachable subject.

This is truly a book that every Mason should own and we believe that it should be high on the gift list for those who don't have it already. We feel badly writing such a brief review but the simple fact is, this book is SUPERB and there's not much more to say beyond that. Congratulations, Mark: 'you done good!'.

Looking to buy this book? Grab it at your local bookstore and encourage them to carry more like it. Or you may decide to buy from Amazon and there's a link for your convenience.


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