David vs. Goliath

by David S. Julian

When anti-Mason Ed Decker spoke against Masonry during his appearance as a guest at a Masonic educational event, this Past Grand Bible Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Washington decided to act. Willing to give Decker and others the benefit of the doubt, David Julian began an extensive e-mail exchange with several anti-Masons, finding them through various internet web sites. His book documents these message exchanges.

As you read the communications Bro. Julian had with those who object to Freemasonry, you'll see that their public rants against the fraternity are little more than a front for their personal motivations. Shining the light of truth on several of those whom we've named on this web site, the author uses Biblical passages and common sense to refute their charges. 

This booklet is an easy read (particularly for those who're familiar with e-mail conventions) and you'll find it both enlightening as well as worth sharing with others who may be uncomfortable with browsing on the web. 

You can now download this book (corrected link as of 9/2006) and read it at your leisure.  Brother Julian had initially sold this work with the proceeds going to the Masonic Retirement Center of Washington, unlike those of anti-Masonic authors whose profits go directly to their pocket!  He's now making it available online for wider distribution.

We highly recommend this book!

Five thumbs up!

(Masonicinfo Note: While the author is extraordinarily generous in his praise of this site and its author, we'd note that his work was well-advanced before we created ours. In fact, we only wish we'd had the benefit of reading this excellent book before we began. To say that we're impressed with this work is a gross understatement!)


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