Ron RhodesReasoning from the Scriptures
with Masons


A review by Mason David S. Julian
Past Grand Bible Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Oregon

Masonicinfo Comments: 
Ron Rhodes apparently loves to 'reason'. He has a whole series of books for 'reasoning' with those who adhere to the Jehovah's Witness beliefs, for Mormons, for Catholics, for Muslims, and perhaps more. He also has a series of books titled "The 10 most important things you can say to a <insert the beliefs with which Ron Rhodes disagrees here>". His website will give you a greater list (and don't forget to check out his thoughts on alien abduction: he's written about that too!). Dr. Rhodes is also apparently somewhat adverse to criticism if any judgment can be made based on one exchange of letters. Here a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints questions him on a particular point of theology and Rhodes responds citing unnamed "scholars". It certainly gives one pause when they appeal to authority without being able/willing to identify that source.

Below is an EXCELLENT review of Rhodes book which supposedly 'reasons' with Masons. Because it's very in-depth - 78 pages - we have it here in Adobe's PDF format. We suggest that you download this to your computer (right click your mouse and 'save to' a place where you'll find it) rather than trying to open and read it here.

We are MOST appreciative to Bro. Julian for making this available. We strongly encourage you to visit his website at where you'll find MORE great reading relating to Freemasonry!

Clicking this link will OPEN the PDF file. We suggest you DOWNLOAD instead!

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