The Plot
The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

by Will Eisner

Picure of "The Plot" by Will Eisner

In the time it takes you to read this review, you could be half-way through this book - but don't let that statement fool you. It isn't just something that you'll 'blow through' and forget. This is a VERY powerful work and it's one that every Holocaust denier should be forced to swallow page by page.

Opening the book to any page, you'll likely be surprised by the fact that this is a CARTOON work. Don't let that fool you either. Using pictures to explain the heinous 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' (more about that here on our website) is a very unique way to communicate a lot of information to folks of all levels although, sadly, we think those that read cartoons as their primary method of obtaining world information (and we find quite a number of anti-Masons online who seem to fit that category) might find this a bit over their head.

Conspiracy dabblers have long loved the Protocols: they can find everything they want there - and if they don't, they'll be sure to tell you how a particular item relates to the current day even though the work was authored over a hundred years ago. When one progresses beyond blind acceptance of the printed word, though, and begins to research the Protocols, they find that in addition to a cheap forgery, the work is also a means to denigrate and demean an entire religion. The Jews, long-suffering before this, found that there was yet another 'reason' for people to despise them: after all, there was a ruling Jewish elite meeting in the dead of night in a cemetery plotting world takeover and able to foresee as well as PLAN the future! To the rational mind, it's just bunk but sadly not everyone in the world is rational. In fact, several nations and political groups have based their entire existence on this foundation of sand.

Will Eisner is the "Father of Graphic Novels' although many Masons may not be familiar with his work. Eisner skillfully traces the roots of the Protocols in a very easily understood manner although conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites will argue the facts regardless. Your local library should have this book. READ IT!

Umberto Eco, whose name will likely be familiar to many, has an introduction as well.

We regret that our sarcasm and barbed criticism may be off-putting for some. We think, though, that anyone who purports to use this well-documented forgery to slander an entire religion along with the Masonic fraternity is, simply, stupid! There's just no other way for us to put it.

Full Disclosure: This book was purchased by me from Amazon using my own funds. I received no requests or inducements to provide this review. Ed King

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