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Since 1923, American Masons have had a disaster relief system in place to address the natural disasters which befall the country and - often - the world.

The Masonic Service Association of North America established a fund through which (US) tax-deductible contributions could be made. Every cent of the over $6,000,000 collected has been used for the specific fund involved. Over a million dollars was collected for the 911 horror.

A full and complete accounting is always annually and unlike SO many of the so-called 'charities' which appear whenever a disaster occurs, MSANA is ALWAYS ready to help. Whenever a Grand Lodge makes an appeal to the Masonic Service Association, a separate fund is set up so that contributions earmarked for that particular disaster will GO to that disaster rather than - as some charities do - co-mingle donations and keep some for 'other' reasons. The cost of administering this fund is borne by the MSANA itself or by other Masonic-related bodies or individuals: no disaster relief donations are ever used to fund 'administrative expenses'. On the MSANA website, you can read more. Even the cost of credit card processing for online donations to the MSANA does not reduce your donation, thanks to the Philalethes Society which generously provides their online credit card services to do this.

If you wish to contribute to the Katrina Disaster Fund, you can go to THIS secure online page where we encourage you to support the Masonic tenets of faith, hope and CHARITY!



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