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Tennessee Vision

Tennessee Vision 2013Vision 2013 is a Tennessee Masonic Renewal Movement which was begun in 1994 and is so named, because the Grand Lodge of Tennessee was chartered in 1813, and will be celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2013. This program is a broad and sweeping one which includes involvement with an organ donor program, sponsoring blood drives, assistance at a Ronald McDonald house,  school literacy programs and MUCH more. Click on the Vision 2013 pin on your right and you can read about their many and varied projects which project Freemasonry into the community.

Tennessee Vision 2013's Partnership with Habitat for HumanityAs a significant part of this program, the Grand Lodge has encouraged its members and their lodges to become actively involved in many community programs. A visible and significant outcome of this has been the partnership with Habitat for Humanity towards common goals. In fact, the goal of this program has been to build a house each year Tennessee Masons have been making a significant contribution towards this. Those not familiar with Habitat for Humanity should understand the unique partnership which is formed to bring together community resources to build build simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with those in need of adequate shelter. Such housing, however, is not simply a 'hand-out' and the housing recipients agree to put in considerable 'sweat equity' as well. The former US President Jimmy Carter of Georgia has been very actively involved with this particular program and Since 1976, Habitat has built more than 125,000 houses in more than 80 countries, including some 45,000 houses across the United States.

Rather than detail this one part of Tennessee Freemasonry's outreach, we urge you to visit the websites above and learn more. It's just one example of how Masonic charity extends FAR beyond its own membership into the whole world! In Tennessee, the whole Masonic family is involved as well. This picture on the right shows two DeMolay members hard at work.

Another part of the Vision program has even been collecting pennies to make the building of these homes possible. We commend these Brothers for their VERY active involvement!

Tennessee Masons support Habitat for Humanity


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