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How gullible ARE you anyway?

After watching the list of make-believe so-called Masonic lodges and grand lodges grow over the years (and with the departure of the GOOFUS crowd from the scene, apparently diminish), it came as a WILD surprise to see an email from the "illuminati Grand Lodges" using - because apparently they can't afford their own $5 domain name or the 4th grade level knowledge to retrieve mail from it - an email address.

What was even MORE amusing was that this solicitation claimed their location was at the Bangor Masonic Center in Bangor, Maine. Would anybody believe such a thing? Apparently so! The cost of this wonderful opportunity? $500 unless you want initiation in New York or Maine - and then it's $15,000. Quite a markup - and hopefully they'd bring you to the Pine Tree State via first class accommodations. Of course, they also promise FedEx same day delivery - something that doesn't happen in Maine!

While the solicitation tells folks to use Western Union or Money Gram Money Transfer, some people can't follow directions - and as of late October, 2014, TWO people have sent $500 each to the Bangor Masonic Center via mail. Well, guess what: can we spell 'mail fraud'??

But it MIGHT be true, eh?

(In Maine, lots of people say 'Eh'?) Truth: I don't think so! In fact, my involvement with this building goes back to the time when the Masons first bought it from the Bangor Theological Seminary. But nevertheless I took my key and went inside. Soon, entrance will be by an electronic entry system, perhaps a request from the Illuminati but the excuse being given is because someone came in and stole a purse. Can't believe that: it's too simple.

I searched the building from the top of the bell tower (finding microwave repeaters from the local telecomm company which rents the space up there - or is perhaps spying on the town's residents) to the bedrock bottom where you can see the building foundation from the mid-1800s. There was a large meeting room, elaborately furnished, befitting of the grandeur expected of those who control the workings of every country in the world....

Actually, the carpet as well as the flooring you can see at the far end are new within the past year. Must be something to this after all.

The next day I returned to look for a Stephanie Mishou - the person supposedly responsible for getting the money. Not surprisingly, the four people who are in the building most of the time had no clue - and didn't know of any Illuminati Grand Lodges either. (When I speak of 'fake Masonry' to those in Maine, I invariably get looks of confusion.... However, one Mason said he found them on the web so they must exist. --The sound you hear is me slapping my forhead!).

While at the building this day, I DID find a full-blown meeting in progress. From my photo, I'm sure you can see that these are the world movers and shakers, dressed to the 9's and showing off their power. Fortunately, only one person seemed to notice me as I took pictures of this super-secret gathering (advertized to all Masons by email) were taken. You'll see him in the lower left corner of the picture further down making a very, very threatening gesture - not noticed by anyone else there it would seem. I went to get more life insurance after that! Those darn Illuminati: SO terrifying. Better send them money NOW!!!


In fact not one but TWO people so far - including, believe it or not, a person who, in a telephone conversation with the Secretary of the Valley of Bangor of the Scottish Rite, indicated that he's a Mason in Arizona. <SIGH> If someone had told me this story, I wouldn't have believed it. But I've seen the proof - and indeed, as Mason P. T. Barnum was famously quoted as saying, "There's a sucker born every minute."

So, after roaming around for this report (as if I wasn't there often enough already), I failed to find a single trace of the Illuminati Grand Lodges. The Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine is down the road in Holden, about a 15 minute drive from here but the scammer/scammers specifically used the 294 Union Street address in Bangor. You've really got to wonder. I suspect that this is a fraudster who's never heard of but perhaps the postal inspectors will take some interest in this scam and we can point them to some others who are out there trying to fleece the easily deceived also.

Could I have missed the Illuminati Grand Lodges and they've really taken up residence without anyone noticing? If so, there probably wouldn't be a raffle going on trying to raise money for building improvements most likely. And certainly not in a building that size where I have a master key - but hey: it's my word against theirs! Surely you'd take the word of someone you don't know from a address rather than a guy who's there 2-3 times a week, RIGHT? <SIGH>

Now trust me <grin>: I won't give up on this. In fact, each time I head there, I'll look around some more


Created November 3, 2014


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