Listing Evils

One of the most common things that anti-Masons do is begin to list examples of the evils of Freemasonry.

From the perspective of the 'Religious Intolerant', these evils are many. Masons permit prayers to be given without reference to Jesus Christ (which they would argue shouldn't be done) or that Masons cause a man to spend time with the fraternity which might otherwise be devoted to the Church.

Masons look at things from a slightly different perspective. They see a small but very vocal group condemning their efforts to make themselves better and make the world around them better.

Looking at anti-Masons, one might easily ask what they've done about things like:

bulletYouth violence - including children killing children
bulletCancer, blindness, or thousands of other diseases
bulletChild abuse

    --- or any of thousands of other 'evils' in the world.

What will be found is that they've done nothing!!!

In the meantime, Masons support programs like D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), have set up employment assistance and vocational training programs, have dozens of medically-related charities addressing such things as burns in children, childhood orthopaedic problems, learning disabilities, sight difficulties, and more, many more.

For 'Religious Intolerants' who use the argument that Jesus would not want a man to be involved in Freemasonry, we wonder:

Since neither Freemasonry nor any of the problems mentioned above are specifically dealt with in the Bible, what would Jesus want to have happen:

bulletHelp a man find a job and support his family or lead a man away from Freemasonry?
bulletHelp find a cure for victims of a crippling disease or keep a man from joining Freemasonry?
bulletGive comfort and aid to a hideously burned child and provide state-of-the-art medical care which may help him/her live a productive life or discourage a man from spending time and money on the activities of Freemasonry?
bulletTeach a child how to avoid the evils of drug use and abuse or show the world the horrible evils of Freemasonry?

Compare yourself....

Listing evils of Freemasonry is a ruse which ignores reality!

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