selfserv3.gif (3188 bytes)Many people love to hear themselves talk. Surely you've known a few. Anti-Masonic talk and anti-Masonic literature is sure to provoke interest and cause a discussion. For the person who wants attention, attacking Masonry is a wonderful way to get that. They become a self-anointed 'expert' by reading a tract or two and then have no fear whatsoever that other anti-Masons will challenge their methods. They also obtain a huge audience of Masons who will try to 'clarify' things, thus giving them a pre-made audience.

For someone who believes they can make a quick buck without much work, it's also great. Conspiracy theories or 'support my ministry' appeals are sure to bring in some funds - and give the self-server some more attention.

If there are people around who fear a government conspiracy of some kind, all the better. If there's someone who's insecure and feels persecuted, they'll be really interested in what you have to say. ...

The Self-Server seems to hate Masonry because it brings him or her the attention, money or both that they're seeking.

For many, it's simply the attention they hope to get as people post messages complaining about their behavior. Some have had a far wider audience for their wares than they would have otherwise. In either case, they look towards themselves and don't seem to care about who they hurt or defame in the process.

With the explosion of the world wide web, many of those who just want attention or who think they can profit somehow, now post their religion, politics and products on the web.

CASHman.GIF (6962 bytes)Some self-servers are out to sell books, tapes, videos etc. While they love the attention, they also are looking to earn some quick cash in the process. Whether it's about a world-wide conspiracy which caused the assassination of a US President or whether it's about Masonry as one of the many organizations which the seller feels should be destroyed, the sale of material is often not far from the surface.

Those who sell things argue that Masons sell things too. Well, of course they do! It is, after all, their organizations. And while there are some strictly commercial endeavors, many Masons who sell things donate a portion of their proceeds to Masonic charities. The self-servers fail to recognize is that the things Masons sell As Masons (not as individuals who may, for example, sell milk at the grocery store they own) are not items of hate or conspiracy.

A high percentage of those who are anti-Masons certainly are looking to gain personal recognition and/or sell something.

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