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From the cover of his book, he stares at you in a very compelling way. Personally, I'd never heard of Tony Brown despite claims on the book jacket that he is the host of the longest-running public affairs program on the US' Public Broadcasting System (PBS). The jacket also claims that he is "one of 'the one hundred most important radio talk show hosts in America'". (Those familiar with talk radio in the US can draw their own conclusions about the significance of that distinction.

tonybrown.gif (12591 bytes)Mr. Brown recently authored a book titled "Empower The People - A 7-Step Plan to Overthrow the Conspiracy That Is Stealing Your Money and Freedom".

Examining the cover, one reads about 'conspiracy' and 'survival' but you're left to buy the book in order to find out what this huge conspiracy is. Want to know?

It's the "Illuminati Ruling Class Conspiracy" and just so you don't miss it, those words appear on nearly every single page of the book. (Think we're exaggerating? Check it out! It might not appear on every page, but there are many pages where you'll find it two or three times. Mr. Brown apparently doesn't want readers to fail in their understanding of what he's discovered.)

Want to know the secret to how you can save yourself from this hideous conspiracy? Keep reading: we'll tell you at the end....

Drawing on books like Gary Allen's seminal work "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" which stirred the United States in 1971 (after the McCarthy trials had begun to fade from memory), Mr. Brown also relies on such authors as - who else - Albert Pike and Edith Starr Miller along with 1797 Scottish historian John Robison, anti-Mason William Schnoebelen, and the lies of Jim Shaw. It's a veritable potpourri of boogey-men. His special section on Year2000 problems ignores the major figures relative to that particular issue, however!

It's impossible to find where in the book the 'problem' of Freemasonry is clearly defined but the entire work rails against it. Published in mid-1998, Mr. Brown makes statements like "Most of these distinguished Freemasons still living are members of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, and none of them would be allowed to visit most White lodges without risking punishment." (You can read about that particular issue here.)

Appealing to his readers, he states, "Masonic racism can only survive in the church of the Devil. Come out of here, my Black brothers." Liberally quoting from Jim Shaw (who lied about his own Masonic credentials) as part of his 'justification' in seeing this great conspiracy, we find it curious that not a single book which would in any way refute any of the fantasies imagined has been referenced.

Mr. Brown's web site said this about his solution: "It is now a nationwide program of community empowerment -- a network that produces financial, social and human capital and builds character and genius among its members."

In the Acknowledgments section, Mr. Brown states "In my opinion, this book represents a new literary genre that will make money because it tells the truth, despite the predictable opposition and omission of the Establishment-controlled media and its covert agents. This is a part of the evil I am committed to expose."

Decide for yourself but please, don't waste $24 US dollars on this paranoia wrapped in a black blanket for comfort!

We promised you we'd tell you about Mr. Brown's plan - and here it is:

The key, folks, is to join Mr. Brown's
Inner Circle Empowerment Program.


Few in the US today are unfamiliar with Network Marketing: you become a distributor and recruit other distributors who are then part of your 'downstream'. You collect an override (commission) on everything they sell - and in addition, may get even bigger discounts on your own purchases. Sometimes what's offered has a perceived value: Amway and Avon have used variations of this for decades. Sometimes, however, the actual product involved is less than desirable.

So what's Mr. Brown offering for you to buy/sell? Wow! Some really great things like:


His book! (Wouldn't you just know....)


Promotional Travel Agent (You'll need this with all your new-found wealth! Probably they have deals that you can't find through any of the thousands of other outlets - like they all claim)


Wittnauer Watches (Wittnauer Watches are nice but really....)


Y2K Computer Training (And of course, this isn't available anywhere else - like on the internet or at libraries or at local seminars for free, right?)


Debt-Elimination Services (We can just imagine....)


Tony Brown Tours (On your left, folks, is where the Illuminati Freemasons plotted to change the color of M&Ms and destroy humanity as we know it!)


Inner Circle Computers (Huh?)


And a host of other things including - needless to say - seminars, his tapes and infomercials, and Multi-Level Marketing training.

If you're not familiar with a MLM program, the concept is quite simple. You recruit others and they sell product (as well as recruit others). You receive commissions on the sales of your 'downstream distributors'. How long will it take you to achieve your wildest dreams? Do this: take a calculator and start multiplying numbers by themselves: take 2x2=4, 4x4=16, 16x16=256, 256x256= 65,536, 65,536x65,536= 4,294,967,296, 4,294,967,296x 4,294,967,296= Oooppsss: calculator overflow! So you see: if each distributor gets only 8 - just 8 - downline distributors signed up, you've now used up the entire population of several continents! Some people do get rich on MLM schemes: those who start them.

Conveniently in the back of the book or at his web site, there's a place where you can sign right up - and send him your money. Apparently, that can save you from the Illuminati Masonic Conspiracy. Pretty good deal, isn't it?

We've seen LOTS of claims for multi-level marketing programs (often referred to as 'schemes') but we think this one is pretty unique!

Mr. Brown's web site, incidentally where you'll learn all about the importance of computing and Internet skills, had this information on August 3, 1998 (note that date as you refer to the information below):

"It is now a nationwide program of community empowerment -- a network that produces financial, social and human capital and builds character and genius among its members. It's goal is 100,000 members by the end of 1998. First and foremost, the Inner Circle program provides marketing and networking opportunities. When Tony Brown's next book, Empower The People: A 7-Step Plan is published in May, 1998, the details of his innovative empowerment program will be unveiled. In the meantime, here's a sneak preview of one aspect of his innovative empowerment opportunity network and how it almost guarantees success. The book will tell you how Ron Diaz is making $25,000 a month marketing our legal service and, although it sounds too good to be true, Lynda Howard is showing people how to clean their laundry without chemicals for $175,000 a month. (Masonicinfo note: we added the emphasis there - and we're a bit confused. Does Lynda really earn $175,000 a month to show people how to clean their laundry without chemicals? Filipino women showed us how to do it many years ago. It involved water and rocks! Pretty easy, actually.) When Empower The People comes out, there will definitely be a long line to get into The Inner Circle. But you can ride this wave first just by reading this article. You won't get the details on the Illuminati Ruling Class Conspiracy or the 7-step empowerment plan until May, but the 9 opportunities are yours now for the taking. And if you do accept one or more of these opportunities today, you can become a frontline leader with a sizeable downline organization before the good news in Empower The People hits the streets."

We haven't seen the lines - but then again, we didn't know who Tony Brown was before this either.

We hope you'll forgive our lapse into sarcasm but the idea of a radio announcer using his so-called 'knowledge' to bait others of his race into such a transparent scam using Freemasonry as the scapegoat is, we feel, worthy of a fair amount of scorn. The Black community has often been the victim of such scams; this is yet another!

2002 Update:

We hadn't seen or heard much from Mr. Brown for quite some time so on Christmas Day, 2001, we dropped by his website to see what was new. Not too much, really. We were impressed, we must admit, by the new 'look and feel' and thought that the classes he sells dealing with home page creation might be showing promise - until we arrived at his page listing his upcoming speaking engagements. Yes, at Christmas, it listed his schedule for the prior July 28th through September 25th with two of the dates in September being shown as tentative. Guess the course doesn't cover the need for frequent updating....  Now certainly we don't update this site as much as we'd like but then again, we aren't trying to encourage folks to come to our paid appearances either.

2007 Update:

We've gone back for another look and Mr. Brown is certainly pushing his 'college affiliation' via a blog and a newly redesigned website. Not much about the evil Freemasons or multi-level marketing any more - but who knows. Things change rapidly on the web.



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