"All disgust is originally disgust at touching."
Walter Benjamin (1892–1940), German critic, philosopher.

"Victims of Masonic Ill-Treatment"

We've rated our site as 'G' - acceptable for general audiences. Usenet posts and 'newsletters' from this anti-Mason would lower that rating to (at best) an 'R' (Restricted to those over 18) rate were we to reproduce them here. Seeing the obscenities and diatribes by James Todd remind us to encourage those seeking information about Freemasonry to 'judge us by our opposition' as well as by what we ourselves say.


The VOMIT web site was shut down as of late February, 1999 ostensibly for defamatory remarks made about government officials in the UK. James Todd was loudly proclaiming on various Usenet newsgroups that the "real" reason for the ejection of his material was because he had identified secret Masonic factions at the highest levels of government. In early 2001, he registered his site in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the better to enable him to avoid UK laws. As of 2007, his site at www.vomit.cc (appropriately named!) has become only a link farm. We have no idea at the present time what the status of Mr. Todd is (i.e., dead or alive) but his seemingly endless ranting does seem to have come to an end.

Disgusted just by the name? We always are when we see material from this source. James Todd (a/k/a VOMIT), a 76 year old man in England, writes in his online diatribes as follows:

"Anyone criticized or maligned in these publications has a guaranteed right of reply. JMF stands for the hierarchies of the Judeo/Masonic Faction. The ordinary Mason and Jew are as likely to suffer from the machinations of the JMF as non-Masons and non-Jews are."

We'll take this opportunity to use that right, Vomit, and show folks a little of your 'style'.

"The Jews have power in both America and the UK - power far beyond that which their numbers merit. Perhaps if Phillips were to tell us how the power is acquired we might be able to resolve the anti-Semitic problem to the benefit of all including especially the Jews.

Is it because they are God's chosen people? He must be a cruel God.

Is it because they have a success gene in their DNA molecule? We think not.

Is it because they stick together like shit to a blanket and promote the interests of their own kind at the expense of non-Jews?

Are they in society but not of society? We think yes.

Jews have been cruelly persecuted for centuries. They have a right to stick together and seek security against persecution. Security to most people means having wealth. When people like Jews and Masons conspire to acquire wealth at the expense of the rest of society problems arise.

When there is an impartial legal system in place people who have been cheated by what are in effect two types of Mafia can seek redress through the law courts. This brings up the question of impartiality in the courts. What we have found is that Masons and Jews are greatly over represented in the legal profession and amongst the judiciary.

When Michael Mansfield, QC, states that corruption is systemic in the legal system he should be saying that there are too many Jews and Masons in the system."

From a posting on the alt.freemasonry newsgroup 6/11/98-VOMIT #23 of 6 June 1998

The originator of this bile posts under the name of "The Avengers"; VOMIT is his organization under which name he publishes a newsletter. He's clearly convinced that there are LOTS of conspiracies afoot in the world - but he knows all about them and knows too that every evil deed in the world is somehow related to Freemasonry. His details of who called who at what time on what day create the appearance of really good reporting but when one actually reads these ramblings, it becomes much more clear that there's not much more than excessive amounts of profanity fronting for a severe case of paranoid delusion....

Mr. Todd seems to have found Freemasonry a convenient whipping boy for his diatribes against politicians and police. In odd and convoluted logic, he regularly claims that he himself is a Mason and had joined some 38 years ago. He states that the reason he couldn't 'get out' was due to the peculiarities of Freemasonry in Scotland and made this statement: "If you can have me cleansed by removing me from masonic membership without doing me any physical harm I will be in your debt."  What 'The Avengers' does not want to acknowledge (as it would cause his 'house of cards' to collapse completely) is that no harm whatsoever befalls ANY Mason who chooses to terminate his membership. We've told Todd how to remove himself from membership and after several of his ludicrous claims had been brought to the attention of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, they added information to that effect to their web site!  Of course, the details of his 'Masonic life' are hopelessly absent. We have no idea if he was a regular attendant but he clearly joined for personal, mercenary motives. He has stated that he simply joined because he thought he could gain a higher position at his place of employment.

Mr. Todd is also proud of his self-claimed role in Stephen Knight's book "The Brotherhood" as the unidentified "West End Mason". (Knight's book is filled with unidentified sources but Todd has lain claim to this particular one!) What we find particularly curious is Knight chose to NOT identify that individual during his (Knight's) lifetime. Further, it's somewhat bizarre to think that the many claims made by that 'source' would have been totally hearsay since Todd was never a Mason in England, belonging only to a lodge in the totally separate country of Scotland! And, of course, Todd only offered his braggadocio well after Knight's death. It's also curious to note that Mr. Todd has written: "We have been a member of the Craft since 1960 but have been at war with it since 1980 roughly.   We should have fought it much earlier.  Our view is that Freemasonry is the reason why this country is falling apart morally and economically." (here)  Hardly seems an appropriate person for Knight to have been quoting in writing his book at 'roughly' that time, doesn't it?

In his online postings, information has come forth that Todd was convicted of crimes, has served at least two years in jail (ostensibly for what he has described as a "medical crime" but about which elaboration has not been forthcoming), has supposedly beaten up several police officers and more. We can only hope that it's merely age and dementia which cause this individual to behave (and brag) as he does. The bigotry and hatred that VOMIT publishes has an appeal to some and if you're one, then we suspect you'll be very happy being against Masons - and there's no lodge anywhere that would want you as a member! If, however, you find this language and approach abhorrent, you'll understand why a Mason can become enraged.

If one watches alt.freemasonry newsgroup postings carefully, there can also be found messages sent from the Deja-News free mail blind-posting location using a_vomit@my-dejanews.com. The poster (who is clearly familiar with UK life and politics) regularly 'spoofs' the Vomit postings (from Demon.UK) with an acerbic wit designed to make Todd look even more foolish than he really is - and he/she is, we note, doing a fine job of it although they sometimes are so obscure that the insults seem more an insult on Freemasonry or Masons!

A James Todd update - August, 2001

In a newsletter dated August 4, 2001 poor Mr. Todd seems to have 'lost it'.  We're sure he won't mind if we note his writing here so you can get a 'flavor' of the person involved.


Duquesne Lodge and the Lying King

             It has come to our notice that an anonymous propagandist is publishing false information on the following Web site   http://www.masonicinfo.com/vomit.htm 

(Masonicinfo Note: Actually, James, we've corresponded on the newsgroup alt.freemasonry MANY times before you were laughed off of there. We're FAR from anonymous since the name Edward L. King has appeared at the bottom of each page on this site since it began in 1998!  Looks like more good detective work on VOMIT's part, eh?)

The style indicates that the cowardly liar in Ed King about whom we published this in VOMIT 27 of 1999 just before the police raided us three times with a marksman. 

(Masonicinfo Note: We'll retell the story of how one unarmed police officer miraculously transformed into a "troop of marksmen" over the course of several VOMIT newsletters at some later point and how one solitary visit is now considered "three raids".)


      We understand that this American propagandist for international Freemasonry is about to have his first name changed from 'Ed' to 'Juan' (pronounced 'Whan').   We have no quarrel with that.  He has recently posted on the Internet that we scandalised our former wife, fought policemen in front of our young children, were anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic and had failed to publish some unspecified statement. We plead guilty to being anti-Masonic. The man is a nut case.

(Masonicinfo Note: Strangely this sounds like the whining of a Maurice Kellet about whom you can read on another page.  Have the two morphed perhaps? And no, Maurice/James/whoever you are: we're not intending to change our name.)

      In the past we silenced King by answering his rubbish as he published it. Now that Demon has closed our Web page and denied us access to News Groups he is spreading his poison again. As our old English teacher would have said "He hasn't the guts of a louse".  And perhaps Bob Dylan would have said "Things they are achangin'"

      We have to put on record that the nincompoop King is not reacting to what we publish on the Internet.  Every time we refer elsewhere to the Mobil Oil organised crime, Masonic killing, Hellmann International Forwarders and drugs, King crawls out of the woodpile. It is high time the FBI investigated King and Hellmanns International Forwarders.  Does anyone have King's address? Does he live in Miami the main drug distribution centre? Is he connected with that brave American policeman. Aubrey Brown, Senior.   Is he a member of Scotty's "Gay Brotherhood"? The yellow-livered rat is probably using a false name and another person's address.

 (Masonicinfo Note: Guess this little diatribe speaks for itself, doesn't it?)


We wonder in what dress Mr. Todd will next appear: will it be that of the convicted murder whom he supports without qualification? Will it be that of someone who was terminated from a food co-op and blames Freemasonry because one of partners of a law firm which represented it was a Mason?  Who knows but one thing is for certain: the VOMIT crew is certainly a great example of anti-Masonry at its finest!

March 2002 Usenet posts revealed that an individual named David Husband had actually fronted Mr. Todd's website at vomit.cc for some bizarre altruistic purpose. (Mr. Husband claims that he does not investigate each thing he gives money to and, besides, it was a minimal amount!) Mr. Husband came to the fore after James Todd had engaged in a series of insulting e-mails with him. 

We think it's analogous to the saying, "When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas!"

Best of luck, Mr. Husband: perhaps next time you'll choose your charitable giving more carefully. 

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