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"No one to blame! … That was why most people led lives they hated, with people they hated. … How wonderful to have someone to blame! How wonderful to live with one’s nemesis! You may be miserable, but you feel forever in the right. You may be fragmented, but you feel absolved of all the blame for it. Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame."
Erica Jong (b. 1942), U.S. author.

A popular figure on the lecture circuit, New Age David Icke will try to convince you that your problems aren't really your fault but rather that of a huge, world-wide conspiracy. While his web presence hides much of his message in socially-acceptable (and eagerly sought) new-age inanity, his actual beliefs are far more dark. There are a couple of web sites (here and here and here) where you can find glimpses of hisdavidicketruth.gif (15057 bytes) concepts but the primary site for information on Mr. Icke ("New Age Guru Peddles Old Lies") is the well-respected "Public Eye". It is must reading! We'd also note that a search on the Anti-Defamation League reveals they follow this "New Age Anarchist" and we found this site pretty comical, despite the seriousness of the topic.

One site explains: "Icke says this unelected Global Elite own or control the major global banks, the multinational companies, the drug companies, the global media, the armament companies, the world market in hard drugs, the security services and the institutions of government. Working through the global secret society network, such as the upper levels of the Freemasons and others, the Elite constantly manipulate wars and the world economic and political system for their own ends." In fact, it appears that Mr. Icke rarely misses an opportunity to bash Freemasonry and more.

According to him, Masons killed JFK and Princess Diana as part of a ritual sacrifice. He says that the Masonic Paramedic team deliberately kept Diana in the tunnel until she died. Icke's theory about JFK is that he died a year later than we thought and that J.D Tippet's body was swapped for JFK's for a fake JFK autopsy. Evidence? Of course not.... He also claims that Scottish Rite Freemasons erected an obelisk near Dealey Plaza to celebrate the death of JFK.

In addition, Icke quotes James Shelby Downard as saying "Masonry does not believe in murdering a man in just any old way and in the JFK assassination it went to incredible lengths to make this heinous act correspond to the ancient fertility oblation of the Killing of the King". We're glad that David knows who killed President Kennedy: perhaps he'll be able to get the U.S. government to thank him for providing that information....David Icke after being hit by a lemon merangue pie

Icke's book (above) also provides quite a bit more information for your "enlightenment"! As one web poster explained it: "His main point is that the world is being run by reptilian extraterrestrials who suck human blood, and that people like Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and the Queen of England are shape-changing reptiles from that ancient cold-blooded family line. His proof? None, except for the occasional wild rantings of the crayon-wielding crowd who attend his lectures and confess that they too ran into somebody who turned into a reptile in Wal-Mart one time." And added to the list, according to an article in the April, 2001 Evening Standard (UK) were also country singers Kris Kristofferson and Boxcar Willie! Hmmmm....

David Icke was a soccer player who was forced into retirement due to arthritis. He then became a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sports presenter, commenting on various middle-of-the-road sports events. He was fired after claiming he was the son of God and after he took his female personal assistant on holiday whilst making her pregnant. Left behind in England during this tryst were Icke's wife and young sons. After widespread public condemnation of his actions, Mr. Icke called a press conference and, wearing a turquoise track suit, explained that he had taken his assistant on this trip in order to heal the earth's energy spots. In addition, he claimed he was the Son of God, Reborn Messiah. After many, many talk show appearances he ultimately recanted his Messiah claim saying that he was mad at the time.

According to one report, Mr. Icke determined that he was "special" as a result of his amazing ability to find parking spaces in Central London....

You can see how the "Imminized" Freemasons fit into his global conspiracy by clicking here or how they supposedly oversee the drug and arms trade here.

Here's what a non-Mason from the UK wrote to us about Mr. Icke: 

"On my last visit to the library I checked out a few books and I found one that David Icke had published two years ago called "I am me, I am free", I was puzzled by the front cover of the book which had an official Library Censor sticker over the picture section of the front cover, when I read the preface by David Icke he bitterly complained that Libraries and bookstores had put a censor sticker over the front cover of his book because there was a picture of him on the front cover completely naked!

Icke claimed that the decision to censor the front cover was made by the authorities controlled by the unelected global elite working through the Freemasons and the illuminati. I had never seen a censor sticker on a book before however I am glad I did!

It seems that in Britain we certainly have our fair share of strange people. I think we are quite tolerant of these people."

And we continue to point out that those associated with anti-Masonry are far from the norm indeed!

The Challenges

At least once a month, we receive an e-mail from someone who wants us to prove that Mr. Icke's claims about world domination by various aliens and/or 'bloodlines' are false. The total foolishness of their demands seems to simply escape them. 

It is not up to US - or anyone else - to prove that Mr. Icke is wrong when he makes up these fantastic connections: that job is up to HIM to PROVE his own claims! Does he really believe that this hugely intelligent and superior race of space aliens somehow manages to foul up all the time and let's folks see them doing their shape-shifting dance? Can he show PROOF of this or is it all his say-so? Does he honestly believe that a race that can traverse the universe can't figure out how to dominate our simple minds? And for crying out loud: if someone accepts the premise that we all derived from Adam and Eve, wouldn't everyone be related at some point? His foolishness about tracking genealogy back to the Middle Ages and beyond, though, makes the mind reel in its simplistic stupidity.

So please pay attention, folks: We are NOT going to waste our time trying to prove to you that there's no international conspiracy of reptoids taking over the world. If you want to believe it, knock yourself out and get mad at us - as most do - that we're just too darn dumb to appreciate the wisdom of Icke.

During the run-up to the US Presidential election of 2004, we were literally BEGGING Icke fans to tell us which of the candidates were reptoids. Sadly, no one ever took the time to let us know - so that SURELY means that BOTH of the candidates were alien shape-shifters although again, it escapes us as to why they'd be saying such nasty things about each other, being part of the same race of space aliens after all. Shouldn't they be working together to change the country to some kind of totalitarian government rather than encouraging free speech and free elections? Oh, wait: it's all part of the plan to trick everyone until they get their act together.... Anyone want to tell us about the candidates for 2008? Oh, wait: Hillary is married to Bill and he was a shape-shifter so clearly that's been answered. Better pull the blankets up tight and hope that nothing slithers out from under the bed.  

A Funny Update!

Observing the 'referring site' statistics for this site, we found something quite odd: a large number of folks were arriving here from a David Icke web page! In a very peculiar situation indeed, our web site was mentioned in the David Icke (online) Newsletter in July, 1999 and folks have been coming from there ever since. Maybe Icke fans really want to know what the truth REALLY is....

What's Next?

"The Biggest Secret"David now has another book out titled - with not a hint of presumption - "The Biggest Secret". We'll be reviewing it when we get totally bored some evening. We wasted some holiday money on a personal copy but we've had it for three years without having the slightest desire to do more than skim through. <sigh>!  Amazing what people will buy, isn't it? Stay tuned....

The so-called "Republic of Texas"

And although folks choose web hosting services for various reasons, it seems to us strangely coincidental that Mr. Icke chose the 'Freestates' service for his. Run by a 'militia' group which demands that payment be made in gold or silver (rather than US dollars) and decries the illegality of the US Government, it seems to us to be a very appropriate match and certainly could not have been done accidentally. Curiously too, it's the same web host which, for a couple of years, hosted the hateful "Freemasonry Watch" website.

What Others Think

On a comical note, we happened to find an absolutely HILARIOUS website which - while ridiculing Icke's theories - notes with surgical precision the many fallacies of his claims. Masons in particular will appreciate the site's reference to the "Holy Blood/Holy Grail" work.... It's a 2 part piece which you can check out here and here.

More about creatures from outer space....

SETI @ HomeWe'll admit it: we simply don't believe that Mr. Icke's theories of reptiods in the White House makes any sense at all (except when the President is pushing a bill we don't like!).  However, we're also amenable to the idea that somewhere out there in the depths of space, there might just be another form of life. As a result, we use our spare computer time processing results for the SETI @ home  project which uses your own computer to help the University of California at Berkley process huge amounts of information. It's free, it's harmless, and it's fun. You can read all about it by clicking on the graphic.

Oh: and if you see anyone morphing into a reptiod, do let us know, will you? Send pictures too: we'll post them here! (Say, I wonder why no one has any pictures of these events that - according to Icke devotees - happen to SO many people. Heck, we catch kidnappings, police beatings, meteor showers, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, river pollution, and just about everything on film: why no reptoid conversions? Hmmmm....)

From time to time, the antics of Mr. Icke seem just too bizarre to ignore and we feel compelled to comment on them further. Early on in his online activities, we recall him breathlessly speaking of how SO many hits to his website were coming from Virginia - and since the home of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was there, it was patently obvious that they were 'tracking' him. Of course Mr. Icke seemed blissfully unaware that this was ALSO the home of America Online (AOL), then vying for position as the number one internet service provider in the US. In the early Fall of 2005, another of Mr. Icke's 'misunderstandings' allowed him the opportunity to turn things to his advantage once again. A 'denial of service' attack occurred to his website host causing them considerable problems. As a result, according to Mr. Icke, he was forced to pay an extraordinary amount for additional website hosting - and he decided at this time that he was going to start charging for his newsletter rather than 'giving away' his valuable information. This DoS attack, he claimed, was just another part of the plot against him.

We found his claims particularly laughable since OUR website host - and hundreds of others - suffered similarly as a result of a computer virus that took several hours to track down and eradicate. Of course, our website host (nor any others we're aware of) would ever consider charging the end-user for such events and after several hours without service, things came back to normal and life moved on. We didn't start a chargeable newsletter either!

Poor Mr. Icke: the world really is against him it seems. A computer attack that hits hundreds of companies was CLEARLY all about HIM! Poor Mr. Icke....  (Then again, it's most likely that rather than being 'poor', he's laughing all the way to the bank!)

While we really do love the very unique way that Mr. Icke's supporters regularly write to say that obviously we're afraid of him and he's clearly telling the truth. This is because, they say, proven through 'the attention you've given him' or by 'your attempts to discredit him'.

The facts: Mr. Icke does quite well discrediting himself. He doesn't need our help.
And, more importantly, there are nearly 350 other pages on this site. This single page about their idol has taken about .029% (not 29% but less than 3 one-hundreth of ONE percent) of our interest.
Now really: do you honestly think that's a LOT of attention?

If you do, that explains why you accept his hypotheses....


Last update: 31 December 2006


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