Roger "El Gato"

"The search for conspiracy only increases the elements of morbidity and paranoia and fantasy in this country. It romanticizes crimes that are terrible because of their lack of purpose. It obscures our necessary understanding, all of us, that in this life there is often tragedy without reason."
Anthony Lewis (b. 1927), U.S. journalist. New York Times (25 Sept. 1975).

Why Roger Bullock chose in the past to call himself "El Gato" must be an interesting story - although we'd probably have some difficulty accepting his explanation having observed his other bizarre fantasies. Mr. Gato/Bullock seems to prefer just "Roger" these days.... Roger is SO pleased with himself!

If ever there were one person who had accepted every fantasy and imaginary cause of problems known to mankind, then Roger is definitely that person. Whether it's the Masons, the Catholic Church, Big Brother, Bill Gates, Crop Circles, Chemtrails, UFO's, Delta Airlines or a hundred other things, you can find it all as part of some huge conspiracy on Roger's web site which he says is, cutely, "The People's Web Site"! 

Roger is convinced there's a hierarchy to this conspiracy and identifies it on his website as below:


GLOBAL ELITE (Black Nobility, Illuminati, Committee 300) 


The Round Table/ 

Royal Institute of Int. Affairs

Bilderberg Group 

Nation States 

European Union and 

Trading Blocs 

United Nations 


M A N K I N D 

Cribbed, it would seem, from David Icke does any of this make sense to a rational person? Well, if you believe in little green men, it might - and apparently to Roger does! Here's some of his home-spun philosophy:


Albert Einstein: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and 
human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

At this point in time I'd like to say this, the evidence is OBVIOUS! 

Anybody who does not believe, is in DENIAL. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO WAKE UP!!!!

"If we are to survive, ignorance must be destroyed."

From Roger "El Gato"  Bullock's website in 1999

Arguing with Einstein about the issue of stupidity. WOW! And then you find this in yet another spot on his website:



"The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the
universe, the rules of the game are the laws of nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us."
-- Thomas Henry Huxley 

"In every grain of wheat there lies hidden the soul of a star."
-- Arthur Machen 

"The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are and the Old Ones will be... not
in the spaces we know of, but _between_ them ... Yog-Sothoth is the
-- Abd al-Hazred, _Al Azif_ 

"All perception is inferential; all inference uncertain; all theory, a
combination of perception and inference, is therefore educated
-- de Selby, _Golden Hours_, I, 93 

These days most people have heard of Microsoft Corporation, and its founder Bill Gates. (Masonicinfo Note: Yes, Roger, that's true. Probably moreso considering that people are reading your comments online. An insightful conclusion indeed. It was true in 1996 too!) The majority of computers in use today use Microsoft system software, and those that do not often run applications from Microsoft. (Masonicinfo Note: Not quite true and ignores Unix and its variants which run many the computers in the world but why let facts get in the way, eh?) However, few people know the true story behind the rise of Microsoft and even fewer suspect the terrible cosmic secrets that are concealed beneath the facade of a successful software company. (Masonicinfo Note: "cosmic secrets"? Well....)  In the Object Linking and Embedding 2.0 Programmer's Reference there is a very curious term. On page 78, the second paragraph starts with the sentence, "In the aggregation model, this internal communication is achieved through coordination with a special instance of IUnknown interface known as the controlling unknown of the aggregate." The term "controlling unknown" is a very interesting choice of words. It is not the most intuitively obvious term for what it is describing (a base class used for implementing an object-oriented data exchange/embedding system).  (Masonicinfo Note: So one statement in an obscure technical manual released by Microsoft a dozen years after their founding is actually the key to the universe. Why didn't WE think of that??? Good thing that Roger is here to explain it to us! Now if you read the word 'bmud' backwards standing on your head on the fourth Tuesday after a full moon in October when the rain has fallen more than three days in succession after you've heard a fox howling at the moon while running in an open field where.... Need we go on?)

A term strikingly similar to "controlling unknown" was the term "unknown superiors", used by many occult secret societies.
(Masonicinfo Note: Now there are some organizations that use this term - like Martinism - bur Freemasonry does not! It would also totally debunk this bizarre theory to note that there are LOTS of other words in that programming manual which might relate to lots of other things too. "Launch" which appears regularly in that book - to use Roger's analogy - appears "strikingly similar" to the word "lunch" and that brings up all sorts of relationships!) These included the Strict Observance Masonic lodge, whose members were sometimes referred to as "illuminati", and which had some connection with Adam Weishaupt's order. (Masonicinfo Note: That statement is misleading at best. Some members of the "Strict Observance Lodge" - where there were no 'unknown superiors' - were recruited into Weishaupt's organization but as soon as his purposes became known, they left. Mistakes happen. Hardly the stuff to build a 200 year old conspiracy on - unless, of course, they made the Microsoft staff place that hidden message on page 78 of a several hundred page manual, one of several hundred different ones issued 225 years later! Could be, right, Roger?) "Unknown superiors" is a term that refers to non-corporeal or superhuman agencies in command of secret societies or mystery cults. Such an agency is frequently known as the "inner head" of an order of organisation, as opposed to the outer head, who is human.
(Masonicinfo Note: Unknown surreal heads: sounds like a Class 'B' movie from the 1940s. However, since there are no such 'things' involved in Freemasonry, why the paranoia?)

Organisations that claimed or were claimed to be commanded by such "unknown superiors" include the Ordo Templi Orientis of Aleister Crowley and the Knights Templar, whose Inner Head was apparently a being named Baphomet. 
(Masonicinfo note: No mention of Freemasonry - and wasn't what this was all about? And then there's Baphomet! Great!!! See our page on this, please, for more information. And, of course, the Knights Templar existed in the late 1200s. Since that time, a very active condemnation from the Catholic Church has occurred. Regardless of all this, there is no connection between any of these and current Freemasonry.)

Apart from the term "controlling unknown", another hint at the secrets behind Microsoft is the fact that Microsoft Windows has a limit of five window device contexts. Five is a decidedly odd number for such an application, being neither a power of two nor one less than a power of two, but let us not forget Adam Weishaupt's discovery of the Law of Fives in the Necronomicon*. 
(Masonicinfo Note: One cannot fail to be impressed by the logic here. The author attempts to connect the Illuminati with the number of Windows device contexts.... WOW! And we would have thought that it was just a technical limitation of the time. Go figure! Of course, as of 2003, we counted 34 - which must be a signal of some sort with the so-called 'Masonic number' of 33 plus one for Roger's good system! See here for the list we found.)

Few people for sure how many buildings there are in the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. No maps of the entire facility are known to exist.
(Masonicinfo Note: We believe that the Public Relations Office at Microsoft would be quite surprised to hear this - and would be glad to provide poor Roger with a map if he needed one. Microsoft regularly sends driving instructions to those who attend meetings or come to their facility on business. Perhaps Roger doesn't get out too much....)  Some Microsoft employees put the estimate at six or three. (Masonicinfo Note: Perhaps they should get out more too?) An article in an Australian newspaper has claimed that there are 22 buildings. (Masonicinfo Note: We guess 79 1/2 - including the secret nuclear facility manufacturing robotic lawn mowers. Can we get a prize too? Heck, Roger: the place isn't THAT far from where you live: drive over there and check out their 'mysteries' - although you may be denied entrance based on the 'kook factor' that the guard is likely to detect.) That is partly true; however, there is another building, hidden from the public and even from most Microsoft employees. The twenty-third building, or Building 7, is pentagonal in shape; its exact location is known only to five people (of whom Bill Gates may be one), however it is believed that the building is accessible from elsewhere in the Microsoft campus by a secret passage.  (Masonicinfo Note: There's a five sided building that no one can see? How very interesting.... Some sort of secret technology that keeps it invisible? Secret passages too, eh? Absolutely astonishing. Of course, since Microsoft and Bill Gates control the universe, surely they've developed some highly classified stealth technology! We ARE impressed. Heaven forbid if someone makes a mistake and acknowledges its existence. Naw.... Microsoft doesn't make mistakes, do they?

What is in the five sided building is not known. However, it is believed that the contents of Building 7 are of a supernatural nature.
(Masonicinfo Note: Strangely, Roger doesn't note WHO believes this. We'd suggest it may be him alone....)  Apart from the Pentagon, there was a similar five-sided building in Nazi Germany. This has been carefully kept hidden from the public. (Masonicinfo Note: How tantalizing. Perhaps "El Gato" would care to provide some proof of his claim? There were also MANY forts in the American west built with the five-sided star design. Perhaps we can tie them in as well? And there are five leaf clovers: they must be part of the conspiracy too!)  One hypothesis is that Building 7 is inhabited by, or used to communicate with, the Inner Head, or "controlling unknown". The identity of the Outer Head is unknown. Bill Gates may be the Outer Head, a high initiate of the conspiracy or just a figurehead whose purpose it is to divert attention. (Masonicinfo Note: Lots of people speculate that Microsoft is controlled by aliens but we've never found anyone who really believed it - until we found Roger that is.... <SIGH>. This was, we think, the plot of a 'B' rated movie from the 1950s. We'll try to find that title when we've got time.)

To fully understand this history, or whatever of it may be understood by human minds, one must have some knowledge of the history and origins of the Illuminati. Little is known about the Illuminati, but what is known is that the Illuminati can be definitely traced back to 1776. 
(Actually, Roger, quite a bit is known about the Illuminati and you can read about it here.)

On Walpurgis night 1776, five men met in a cavern deep beneath Ingolstadt, Bavaria. There they invoked some sort of supernatural beings and made contact with the Unknown Superiors. The following day, one of these five men proclaimed the foundation of the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, using the name "Adam Weishaupt", which means "the first man to know the Superiors". 
(Masonicinfo note: Cavern? Where the heck did THAT come from? And we wonder what dictionary Roger uses for his original translations....)

Although the Illuminati were officially disbanded in 1785, they did not disappear; throughout the past 200 years, they have been observing the profane world carefully, and occasionally intervening (as they did in Sarajevo in 1914, St. Petersburg in 1917, Manhattan in 1929 (to divert attention from a rather unpleasant affair off the coast of New England) and Dallas in 1963
(Masonicinfo Note: World War I's start, the Russian Revolution and, of course, we just KNEW that Roger could get the Kennedy assassination in here somehow! Golly gee: I hope they don't read Roger's website where he reveals all of this information about those Illuminati watching.... but hey, they must be REALLY old guys by now, huh?) to name a few cases. Their contacts with the Unknown Superiors continued in specially constructed buildings, originally in Germany but later in Washington. During the 1920s and 1930s there occurred a potential problem; a young writer named Howard Phillips Lovecraft published many stories which contained allegories to Illuminated history (for example, Joseph Curwen's invocation of "Yogge-Sothothe" in an underground complex in the 18th century). It is believed that Lovecraft's father was a Grand Orient Freemason. The Illuminati, however, persuaded Lovecraft to join their cause and faked his death in 1937 (Have you ever wondered why his grave is not marked?) (Masonicinfo Note: we think you have Lovecraft confused with Jimmy Hoffa, Roger! Or perhaps you didn't realize that Lovecraft had no children, was divorced, and died during the Great Depression. An unmarked grave - in the family plot of an aunt who'd raised him doesn't seem too unusual considering those facts, does it? Actually, Mr. Lovecraft is a very interesting author and there's a spoof sometimes repeated about his father being an "Egyptian Mason" or some such and having some secret book. Unlike Roger's babbling, this site has good stuff!In actuality, his Grandfather was an active Mason and founded a Lodge in his native Rhode Island.  Folks interested in Lovecraft will find solid information on him by clicking on the button on the right. Necronomicon anyone?)  Another incident occurred on October 21, 1967, when occultists attempted to "raise" the Pentagon; they were given permission to approach it but prevented from completely encircling it. (Masonicinfo Note: When we first wrote this, we wrote the following: "We wonder who gave these occultists that permission.... Can you tell us more, Roger? Why would anyone want a bunch of occultists 'raising' the Pentagon? Did someone lose their marbles underneath? Ooopppss: sorry about that 'losing one's marbles' comment.... And we'd just love to see the news reports on this. Of course, there are none - except in Roger's fertile imagination." Three years after writing this, however, we received an e-mail which pointed us to a story about how a group of HIPPIES had tried to levitate the Pentagon. No one 'gave them permission' to do so. It's typical of how anti-Masons frame their arguments in a way so as to confuse and obfuscate. "Hippies" were not "occultists": not by a long shot!  However, in 1975, a crisis developed that threatened the very foundation of the Illuminati. (Masonicinfo Note: Here's an all-powerful organization that controls the world but yet, a 'crisis' is at hand. WOW: we can hardly wait to hear what it is. A book? Ohmigosh!)

A book, claiming to be a fantasy novel, appeared. This book was mostly fiction; however, it hinted at the secrets of the Illuminati (even going as far as using Lovecraft's term "Yog-Sothoth" for the Unknown Superior). To this day it is not known whether the authors were renegade Illuminati or whether the information was acquired from informers within the organisation. The book was called Illuminatus! 
(Masonicinfo Note: Is this the Anton Wilson parody called "The Illuminatis Trilogy"? Roger thinks a comedian really is hiding some huge world-wide secret? Wow! Revelations from Jay Leno next, we suppose.... And perhaps poor Roger doesn't realize that even Wilson thinks it's hilarious how so many people got so "shook up" by his book.)

Immediately, the Illuminati convened an emergency meeting in Cesme, Turkey. There they discussed a contingency plan to restructure the organisation and to move the Pentacle of Invocation to a new location. They decided on setting up a small computer company in one of the smaller cities of the United States as a front. That year, Microsoft Corporation was founded. 
(Masonicinfo Note: Truly amazing information. How is it that 'El Gato' knows this and no one else does? WOW! And I always thought that Bill and his friends did all this stuff from a dorm room in Cambridge, Massachusetts. How wrong could we have been....)

But why did the Illuminati select a software company and not, say, a company that manages investments or makes kitchen appliances? The answer lies in symbolism (Perhaps because of their invlovement
<sic> in mystick <sic> arts such as the Cabala, the Illuminati have always had an affinity for symbolism). There is a recurring legend about a device in the form of a human head which could answer yes/no questions (some link this device to the Knights Templar and their god Baphomet; others claim that Pope Sylvester, who lived in the tenth century, brought such an object back from India, where he met the "Nine Unknown Men"). This device is extremely suggestive of a computer of some sort, and if it did exist in anything more than hermetic allegory, it could not have been manufactured by any human civilisation of the time whose existence is known. Hence, the Illuminati decided to use a computer company as a front. (Masonicinfo Note: Does this really need further comment from us? <chuckle>) 

It has been already speculated that the name of the founder, Bill Gates, is a code much as "Adam Weishaupt" was a code. Apart from being the name of a magician in Aleister Crowley's novel, "Moonchild", Gates is a reference to the Unknown Superior and the gateway between ordinary reality and the Invisible World; Lovecraft himself referred to Yog-Sothoth as "the Gateless Gate". By the same token, IBM can be said to stand not for "International Business Machines" but rather for "Iacobus Burgundus Molensis", or Jacques de Molay, the last overt Grand Master of the Knights Templar, whose name was borrowed by the Bavarian Illuminati for one of their ciphers. One must also not forget that a Microsoft network administration tool currently under development is named Hermes, after the god of alchemy, and that a line in Umberto Eco's novel, _Foucault's Pendulum_ reads, quite clearly, "Microsoft-Hermes".
(Masonicinfo Note: and the oh-so-clever Illuminati were finally tripped up by this --- what do you do for a living, Roger? And how is it you were able to ultimately conclude that a word on the 78th page of one of the thousands upon thousands of Microsoft technical manuals had the key to putting this all together. Truly remarkable! Ponder this one, Roger: the guy who's made a mockery of your foolishness is named "KING". Ooooggaa - boooogggaaaaaa!)

* Some sources claim that the copy of the Necronomicon which Adam Weishaupt owned was the von Junzt German translation; this, however, is unlikely, as von Junzt lived in the nineteenth century. The Necronomicon involved was probably either Olaus Wormius' Latin edition or the original Arabic, as the details of the illustrations would attest.
(Masonicinfo Note: Folks interested in the Necronomicon might want to click on that button above to learn about Lovecraft!)

Certain companies are in no doubt linked to this Satanic Brotherhood. Some companies use Satanic symbology such as Delta Airlines, America Online etc. use the pyramid/triangle. And these companies are controlled by Lucifer. Proctor & Gamble are also linked to Satanism. 
(Masonicinfo Note: Roger's logic would lead us to believe that because the Better Business Bureau uses a torch that it's somehow a sign of something. We wonder if P&G will take note of his tired rant about their imagined Satanism over which they've won several lawsuits already. The flights of fancy here are just amazing!)

Poor Roger El Gato

We won't continue to embarrass Roger any longer and we assume no responsibility for computer screens ruined as you spit whatever was in your mouth onto your computer with fits of laughter! Suffice it to say, Roger's credibility is just a tad out of touch with reality. 

His website ( ) is only bested by a website with a similar name (drop the "the") that has even more hilarious material!

So if you go outside tomorrow and the weather is not to your liking, you can rest assured that it's all part of some horrid conspiracy - and that "El Gato" will be reporting on it real soon now!

Kooks, loons and crazies on the web - found at CrankDotNetYou can also see that crank dot net found Roger's site worthy of their attention as well. Hey: he wanted attention, right?  And we note too that he's now in 'cahoots' with our little friend "Watchy": amazing how 'birds of a feather'....

Loving the attention

Roger - like most other anti-Masons - just love the attention they get. In fact, when we revisited his site in October, 2001, we found that he's even devoted a page to us! Smile, El Gato!   Of course, he's upset because we haven't explained why Washington, DC is connected to Mars but then again, he obviously isn't keeping up to date with those new space photos either. 

Roger has some really cute stuff: here's a bit from his 'condemnation' of our site. He's attempting to explain disinformation:

First Type: The first level of disinformation might equally well be characterized as apparent incompetence by someone who assumes the task of offering criticism but for which he is not well-positioned to provide. This may be due to any number of factors, including lack of mental acumen, specific misunderstandings, or lack of familiarity with relevant evidence (simple ignorance).

(Masonicinfo Note: OK, "El Gato", we'll accept that. Hope you don't mind if we show your lack of mental acumen or simple ignorance!)

As owner of I am aware that other web sites are under attack by the Masons.  Such as

"A pointed email from a Mason to Ed King of urges that Mr. King "dig up a lot of dirt" on Epperson and me.  Can I smell a lying smear campaign coming?"  . . .  "Whenever men cannot refute using facts, they invariably turn to slander, . . ." 

(Masonicinfo Note:  Yes, "El Gato"?  And have you looked here where we show the MANY fallacies of 'Director' David Bay's silliness? Oooppsss: simple ignorance or your lack of research? Perhaps both?)

After studying the contents of The Revelation, you should realize that Edward L. King is trying to cover something up.  If you want to be a Mason that's fine with me. All I ask is that you realize the obvious truth about Freemasonry and its link to the installed control system on this world.

(Masonicinfo Note:  OK, "El Gato".  Perhaps with all of your erudite acumen, you could explain why we controllers of the world allow your site to remain there for everyone to see? And if it's ok for folks to become Masons, why on earth do you rail on so about it? Oh, and if the Masons were SO fearful of your 'truth', why haven't more than one of our two million or so members decided to 'out' you? Maybe you're no more relevant than a mosquito in May.)  

Another anti-Mason, the disturbed Sam Moser a/k/a Jerry Newport even created some graphics for him. Take a look at that square at an angle of about 79. Would you want to talk to either of these guys about anything that has to do with drawing or building? 

Poor Roger: he's so desperate, that in addition to making up nicknames for himself he's even plagiarized ol' "Watchy"'s rant about the alt.freemasonry newsgroup.  You can read the one "Watchy" wrote here and Roger's here. Vaguely reminiscent of a a ninth grade essay project with one bad job being copied by another.... Nevertheless, we really got a kick out of Roger's addition:

It is not a charity, it is legally forbidden by the government to call itself a charity.

Well, "El Gato", we hate to point out the obvious but Freemasonry never claims to be a charity so there's no need to 'legally forbid' anything.  And, at least in the US (since you haven't specified what country you're writing about and the world-wide web is, after all, 'world-wide') it's legally forbidden for ANY organization which is not a charity to call itself a charity. DUH! Freemasonry never has....  How trite can your arguments get?  C'mon Roger - get a grip! 

Roger "El Gato" Bullock clearly wants to debate with us. Frankly, anybody who believes that the movie "The Matrix" is a surrogate for real life really isn't living in the world we choose to visit. We hope Roger finds happiness in his cuddling with David Icke and the reptoids! Take the blue pill, Roger: you'll feel better.

Updated 2/3/2006 - Adding the information about Hippies identified as Occultists.


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