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Looking for information about the 'tax protestor'? You've come to the right place. However, you should know that taxes is just a small part of Mr. Brown's ranting. In fact, Mr. Brown has quite a long history of 'protesting' things, some of which you might not have known about and which, curiously, weren't much mentioned by the press in 2007 when Mr. Brown achieved his 15 minutes of 'fame'. Read on....

The following story appeared as the headline of the June 5, 2003 issue of the  Connecticut Valley Spectator, a newspaper for the Hanover, New Hampshire - Thetford, Vermont, USA area and is reprinted with the kind permission of the Editor.

'Jesuit Masonic Zionists' targeted by billboard

Glen Road sign urges Internet search; Zionists, Jesuits call it 'ridiculous'

By Aaron Nobel

WEST LEBANON - Claiming that "Jesuit Masonic Zionists" control the nation's government and courts, a billboard in front of an office building on Glen Road in West Lebanon has raised some eyebrows of passerby.

Connecting the Jesuits (a Catholic society founded in 1534) to the Freemasons (a well known secret society with millions of members) to Zionism (the movement to create and support the modern state of Israel) may seem an unlikely stretch.

Some would say Jesuit, Mason, and Zionist don't belong in the same sentence, let alone as the co-conspirators of a scheme to rule the world.

"At first blush it's ridiculous. Laughable," said Father David Haschka of the U.S. Jesuit Conference in Washington, D.C. "Would we had so much power. The likelihood of our being associated with Masons and Zionists is pretty unlikely considering our history. The Catholic church has been at best suspect of Masonry... The only secrets we like are our own."

The billboard "doesn't make much sense," said Virginia Gilley, administrative assistant to the executive director of the Zionist Organization of America based in New York.

But Ed Brown, owner of the sign and the building in front of which it stands, says the sign is based on his extensive research, which has convinced him of its validity.

He believes much of the pain and suffering in the world is caused by high-level Jesuits, Masons and Zionists, and that the world is in crisis and most people are oblivious. But he insists that you shouldn't take his word for it.

"Don't believe me. I do not want anyone to believe anything that I say. All I am is a guidepost to direct you toward the truth and the facts... My words mean nothing. My opinions mean nothing. Research the truth. Look up these few key words on the Internet. Stop playing games. Stop worrying about your love life."

"It goes like this," he said. "The Jesuit/Masonic is the religion. Zionism is the politics -- It is a very dangerous and deadly form.

Brown makes a point to separate the politics of Zionism from the Jewish religion.

"If you think for a second that I'm anti-Jew, you're dead wrong," Brown said: "I'm not against any religion. I am anti-politics that kills people."

The billboard goes on to urge readers to "Check Computer," presumably meaning to look up "Jesuit Masonic Zionists" on the Internet. A "Google" search for "Jesuit Masonic Zionists" turns up a host of what your average person might dismiss as "conspiracy theory" Web sites. Theories differ, but generally the information on the sites points to the Jesuits and Rome as the masterminds, directing the Zionists and Masons to establish control of the world. Some sites take it further, saying the scheme is geared toward establishing Satan's kingdom on earth: The establishment and maintenance of Israel paves the way for rebuilding Solomon's Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem, from which the Antichrist ("the Black Pope") will rule. Again, this all seems pretty far out to your average person but it could be made to dovetail with Bible prophecy, which is becoming ever-more mainstream as more people are convinced that the "End Times" are upon us, and the creation of Israel and the anticipated construction of the Temple are key components in End Times prophecy.

Brown insists that all judges in America are Freemasons. He said the fact that Masonic symbols appear on our currency is an example of them flaunting their power. He points to the Masonic slogan, ordo ab chao ("order out of chaos"), as a guide for their aim to "turn the world into chaos."

Brown appeared in an earlier Spectator article after refusing to pay school takes on his Plainfield home or the West Lebanon office building for three years. He said the schools are teaching cultural- political engineering according to a communist system that intentionally "dumbs down" American kids. He has since decided to pay taxes, not because his convictions have changed, he said, but because he wanted to avoid a deadly confrontation that he said would result if the town or city attempted to seize his property. Brown, a retired exterminator, is the state commander for the United States Constitution Rangers, a nationwide paramilitary group sworn to uphold the Constitution. He has also founded an organization called the UnAmerican Activities Investigations Commission, based out of his building on Glen Road.

Our thanks to Mr. Nobel for allowing us to reprint this interesting story.

Mr. Brown's Background

When we encountered the above, it naturally led to further checking on the web where we came across a website (hosted - as SO many of these are - on a FREE hosting service) under the (can we call it 'childish'?) directory of SecretAgentMan_03825. Click here to go to a site for the self-styled  Unamerican  Activities  Investigations  Commission  &  United  States  Constitutional  Rangers  which appeared to have run out of steam after a short period of time fixated on other matters. Mr. Brown's address doesn't appear there, curiously, and the organization(s) solicit donations to an individual in Pennsylvania. We note, of course, that 03825 is the Zip Code for Barrington, New Hampshire and that an EBrown is listed as the 'militia contact' for Hillsborough County, New Hampshire at this site.

It's ironic that someone like Mr. Brown can, in one breath, demand a return to the wisdom of the founders of the United States and the authors of the Constitution while in the next, condemn Freemasons and Freemasonry - about a third of whom were those who created the document he wishes to interpret. Can't have it both ways, Mr. Brown - and if I were you, I'd sure as heck make sure my name didn't appear on any web page with a picture of one of the most well-known Freemasons, the United States' FIRST President, George Washington!

Mr. Brown's advice to 'look up a few key words on the Internet' is good - to a point: you also need a bit of discernment to be able to appreciate that not everything on the Internet is fact! Mr. Brown seems blissfully unaware of that....

We're also glad that Mr. Brown has decided to resume paying his taxes - although if he were as sure of his beliefs as he claims, we wonder why. A Sunshine Soldier perhaps?

Tax Evasion, Civil Disobedience, Conspiracy Theories and
Being the Center of Attention

When we wrote above that Mr. Brown seemed ready to pay his taxes, it was the summer of 2003. That, though, would deprive him of the attention that he apparently seems to crave.

In May, 2007 Mr. Brown (a former exterminator, age 63) and his wife (a dentist, age 65) were convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to fines and prison - 37 years for Mr. Brown. Prior to the end of the trial, Mr. Brown stopped attending and retreated to what was described as a 'fortress-like' home vowing that he would never bow to the government, that they would have to "prove" to him that he was required to pay taxes, along with more rhetoric of fanatics who feel that everyone is wrong if they don't agree with self-concocted ideas and theories that run counter to standard behavior. Despite Mr. Brown's actions (which resulted in an arrest warrant), his wife continued through the end of the trial and then wore a monitoring ankle bracelet for a time. She subsequently removed the device (destroying it), evaded police, and joined Mr. Brown in Plainfield, NH where they swore they would not be taken alive, threatening a Waco-like standoff.

A very patient US Marshall's service kept close watch over things and despite the typical stupid bravado of the truly obsessed, the Browns swore that they would "walk free or die" and made various assorted threats and fantasy-like claims (including a pending revolution in the United States) in well-publicized news conferences.

Arrests of supporters began during the summer of 2007 and they were all imprisoned on various charges. One, Cirino Gonzalez, was quoted in a local newspaper story as follows:

An online posting from that period describes Gonzalez's frustration with peace organizations, which he said criticize the federal government but don't acknowledge the whole picture. 

"Most that attend still never talk about the real people in power, the freemasons and their variants," he wrote in early August.

On 5 October 2007, disguised federal marshals were at the property and without a bit of bloodshed or a single shot fired, arrested Ed and Elaine Brown and ended their eight month standoff. From a bucolic existence in a lovely part of New Hampshire to a dank prison cell for the rest of one's life: yes, it was all the fault of the Masons and Ed Brown, exterminator, found it on the internet!

Living life in prison

In June, 2007, Mr. Brown reasserted his anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic world views. In an interview with the Concord Monitor (New Hampshire), he was quoted saying "I guess we've got a lot of paranoia among our Freemason police...." (link). In another newspaper, we read the following:

Brown, who asserts that the federal government has no jurisdiction in New Hampshire and no authority to charge him under a non-existent law, said the activity surrounding his properties in Plainfield and West Lebanon yesterday was a "Zionist, Illuminati, Free Mason movement." (Link)

He was, briefly, the darling of conspiracy theorists who might not have heard of his anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic paranoia prior to this time and clearly, he reveled in his ability to have food, equipment, friends and more delivered to him without his lifting a finger. There are quite a few who obviously didn't see this for what it really was: a scam perpetrated by someone with a zero grasp of reality. Now both he and his wife spend their remaining years forgotten in the blink of a twitter, all for naught. Thus wastes man....

The saga will continue but those interested in this matter should fully understand that this is NOT simply about whether the US Government can collect taxes. Mr. Brown is a bigot with a long history of assorted hatreds. Tax protesting is just ONE of the ways he seeks to garner attention - and live on the backs of other people.

Updated 23 May and 9 June 2007
Updated 20 June 2009

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