Maurice Kellett

"Bent police officers and judges of which there are many,
are making me
what I now am."
Maurice Kellet in a post to the alt.conspiracy newsgroup 27 September 2001

What does a dispute over an alleyway between two houses have to do with Freemasonry? In reality, not a single thing. However, in the mind of this aged anti-Mason it's all a part of the corrupt UK judicial system which prevents him from wreaking vengeance on a neighbor.

The infamous rain barrel....Arguments over common walls, a garden, and a rain barrel (on left) have now raged on for over a decade. In the process, Maurice's marriage has collapsed (although he states that the divorce is not valid since the judge refused to state whether or not he had visited Masonic Halls), he has supposedly become incapacitated due to arthritis (but from the voluminous amounts of typing one finds on newsgroups and his web site, we must seriously question this claim reiterated frequently by his 'soul-mate', James Todd a/k/a VOMIT) and he has been adjudicated by the UK legal system which he raves against as being bankrupt as well as a vexatious litigant. (Important update here!)

According to Mr. Todd, Maurice "...crossed swords with British Coal Estates Department.  North Eastern Co-operative employed him when he uncovered a Masonic connection between the Chief Executive Norris and the closing of co-op shops in the area.  Following a meeting with Norris, Maurice was made redundant.  He has been victimized ever since."  Strangely, Maurice doesn't discuss this matter on his exhaustive web site. We're curious, of course, as to what the benefit to Freemasonry or its members might be with the closing of co-op shops.... It's very strange!

With each new misfortune, Maurice becomes increasingly convinced that all judges, all business leaders, and all politicians are Masons and all Masons are evil. His logic in this is shown in the following example:

"Is Kenworthy a mason? Circumstances suggest that he is. His failure to act on crime bears all of the hallmarks of Freemasonry. Kenworthy is not above the law and in time he will come to realise that."

Great logic isn't it?  Someone does something Maurice objects to and suddenly they're 'labeled' a Mason - something Maurice seems to think explains everything!  It's similar to the logic he uses in all of his blatherings.

In addition to his many self-created travails, Maurice used the "evidence" of his claim that Masons are out to get him by asserting  that a Mason tried to run him down as he was walking on the highway on a dark and rainy night. He could not identify the vehicle but he somehow 'knew' that Masonry was involved (although now several years later he claims to know that identity).

As a result of court decisions against him, Maurice has even tried the bizarre claim that he is a victim of human rights abuse - all at the hands of Masons, actual or imagined. He's even started his own organization called by the cute title of "THE ANTIMASONIC INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS OF UNITED NATIONS (ABILFHR)". (Don't try to say it fast three times, we warn you! Go ahead! Say it fast five time. Three? Two?).

Moving even further into his pit of self-pity, he now rants on his web site about the evils being perpetrated on him by his ex-wife, using his daughter as the 'snitch' for these things. He writes (with his impeccable logic):

"Even if the bankruptcy was lawful, and God knows that there is enough evidence published on this web site to prove that it is not, then I could still not be bankrupt. Why is my wife being protected by the corrupt establishment? Well I can now reveal the reason is pure and simple. Freemasonry. There can be no other reason and my situation alone has allowed these rats to be drawn out of their holes. Many others also suffer similar acts from our bent Masonic riddled establishment. The more these scum carry out criminal acts against me the more evidence they provide of the real situation existing here and their unsuitability to hold public office."

It's so sad to see someone airing their dirty laundry in public and we find such actions loathsome. However, they're FAR more disgusting when one realizes that it all stemmed from a simple argument over drainage in a corner of a yard....  Such are the sources from which anti-Masonry stems sometimes!

Update July, 2001

Maurice has posted a message to the alt.freemasonry newsgroup condemning our violation of copyright laws. We're not quite sure if he's upset about our use of his 'rain barrel' picture above (which seems to be the most long-suffering of his rants) or whether he's just embarrassed by having the facts of his 'situation' shown in simple, sharp terms by use of the quotes above (all of which are easily covered by the 'fair use' doctrine of copyright law). If Maurice wants us to remove the picture which he has used to "prove" his case of injustice (we thought he'd want everyone to see it frankly), we'll do so immediately upon request.  Of course, we'd then wonder what Maurice doesn't want everyone to know about the apparent source of his complaints and why he doesn't want everyone to know the source of all his problems....

And as a further indication of the bitterness and acrimony which Mr. Kellett has, the  paragraph below concluded an enormously long and rambling post to the alt.conspiracy newsgroup:

I dedicate this to and in reply to a U.S mason named Manny. U.S may
well have two meanings here. I never thought that a fellow human beings mind could be so polluted with Freemasonry. His very power of reasoning it would seem has been utterly destroyed. His ability to see truth from lies has been destroyed along with it. I pity his family who have to put up with him. Maybe one day he will end up in a true and just lodge at the rate of ten dollars a day away from the fantasy but evil world of Freemasonry?

Why? Well, with Maurice's first appearances in the alt.freemasonry newsgroup, he found Mason Manny Blanco of California to be open, forthcoming and always willing to see the best in everyone. Anti-Masons, expecting hostility, are regularly disarmed by Manny's extraordinary demonstration of humanity towards all. Maurice decided to take advantage of what he perceived as Manny's gullibility and sent an e-mail to anti-Mason James Todd (a/k/a VOMIT) outlining just how he could manipulate Manny.  However, through a gross mistake, Maurice posted the e-mail to Todd to the newsgroup rather than sending it privately. The world could see in black proof-text the type of person Mr. Kellett really was. Since then, each of his appearances in alt.freemasonry are greeted with a reminder of his sniveling underhandedness. This, perhaps, explains why he posts his drivel to newsgroups which are not normally monitored by Freemasons.... We hope Mr. Kellett will find peace at some point.

Update October, 2001.

Conspiracy theorists now make much out of the World Trade Center horror. Here's a comment Maurice made about it on the alt.conspiracy newsgroup on September 27, 2001:  

I finish with a puzzle. I gather that the first aircraft to hit the World Trade Towers was Quantas flight Q33NY. The second was American Air flight AA11NY. If you have Microsoft Word open it and type in Q33NY. Change the font size to 26 and then the font to Wingdings. Repeat the process using flight AA11NY. You will obtain an answer that may shock you. Was Bin Laden really behind the World Trade Centre destruction? I for one have some considerable doubts about it.

Great detective work, Maurice: wrong airline named despite enormous publicity world-wide (it was United Airlines), links made to some type font that's been around for a decade (does that make any sense whatsoever?) and a statement that you don't believe what the world knew almost from the moment of the attack! So very typical of Maurice's strange and irrational world and should give you some insight into the validity of his claims of persecution at the hands of Masons.

And the beginnings of 2002 found Maurice posting long diatribes (written by others, it would appear) about issues such as the Enron collapse, US-Mexican relations, and other matters involving US politics. Perhaps he finally understood that his own government there in the UK wouldn't take him seriously so he'd give those in the US the benefit of his profound knowledge! Thanks - but no thanks, Maurice!  We also note that Maurice posted a huge number of messages quite critical of Israel but none criticizing Israel's enemies. Can we draw any conclusions from this? Perhaps....

Will Maurice's antics ever stop?

In February, 2003, Maurice faced forcible eviction from the house where he's lived for some 55 years (it was his parent's house before he bought it) and which he subsequently jeopardized and lost as a result of his obsessive and foolish litigation over more than a decade. When the police arrived to serve an eviction notice for his 17,000 indebtedness on the property, Maurice barricaded himself inside the house and told officers that he'd doused himself in petrol and was defending himself with a sword (which was later discovered to be a decorative and dull Samurai sword). Police and fire personnel responded and a thirty-five hour siege resulted. It ended peacefully when, after not hearing anything from Maurice for some 40 minutes, police broke in. Maurice was arrested and will now - as a result of his obsession and fixation - likely wind up homeless. Having already lost his family, he now loses his only touch to reality and the house he so dearly loved.

His brothers, one of whom was quoted making a somewhat disparaging comment about Maurice at the outset of the Samurai adventure, weren't there to support his eccentricities in the past but are apparently now claiming police brutality and threatening suit. Further, it appears that Maurice's medical condition(s) have probably been worsened by his foolishness. A diabetic (type unknown), Maurice only had a Mars candy bar during the entire time it appears. As of this writing, there are news reports of blood and bruising in his abdomen area so it remains to be seen whether this will be something else Maurice will blame on the Masons. 

It's pathetic, really: a man who had even held a post as a City Councilor at one point became so fixated on imaginary persecutions that he's lost everything. This is not about Masons and Masonry - and that's probably now clear to everyone but Maurice. Sadly, he's not the first to let imaginary demons take control of his life - and he certainly won't be the last! You can read reports here, here, here and here. Thanks to Simon McQueen in the UK for bringing this tragic episode to our timely notice. While we've felt Maurice to be a buffoon and 'not quite right', we would never wish such a tragedy on even the most vociferous enemies of Freemasonry.   

Never being one to miss an opportunity for self-aggrandizement, the alt.freemasonry gadfly and pornographer Mike Restivo emailed one of the newspapers linked above to offer support for Maurice while castigating yours truly for reporting the news. The similarities between Maurice and Mike are truly striking and very troubling. Mike, who has lived alone in the house of his parents for all of his 55+ years, much of that time apparently in the cellar, is just as verbose and fixated and ignored, and he too sees particular Masons as the source of all his woes. With Mike's prior references to himself as a 'shooter from a tower' along with his belief that he should take upon himself the entrapment of criminals (or Masons whom he'd like to believe are criminals but who, in reality, are guilty of nothing more than reporting his ludicrous and puerile behavior in usenet messages and through this website), it's definitely a concern. We find Mike's pandering opportunism in this case (and others) to be cheap and tawdry - and we wouldn't be surprised to find him in a similar situation should the reality of his solitary and ignored life ever penetrate his enormous ego. We suspect, though, that he'll simply pass from this life unacknowledged and unremembered - like virtually ALL anti-Masons!

Update November, 2007

Yep, he's still at it. We've found the most amazing web site that you'll enjoy SO much. Don't you just LOVE the blinking stuff? Apparently Maurice has now convinced himself that he's a crime fighter but - in the final analysis if you don't go blind from the stupid text styles, colors, and blinking - it's all about a rain barrel and a demented man who is obsessed that he didn't get his way.

And we'd encourage you to help Maurice get a little bit of the attention he so desperately craves by nominating his website for recognition by - just for it's superb design! <ROFL>


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